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The 4 Cs

Wealth – accumulating it is something every person strives for. The thing about wealth is, you cannot, and shouldn’t, work for it constantly. You need to let it work for you too… And that is precisely where the issue lies, for not many people realise this.

Creation of Income

The primary focus. This is what every person works for. As a breadwinner, there are a number of reasons a person focuses majorly on income generation, like -

  • Supporting the family, the livelihood
  • Improving and maintaining a certain standard of living
  • Wanting to have a certain social status
Consumption of Income

This involves expending the income on necessities and other arenas. One area that must be given more thought when it comes to deciding what to spend on. Consumption should be judicious. More on necessities than wants and other luxuries.

Continuation of Income

The most important, yet the most overlooked aspect of family welfare. Continuation of income is about planning and organising our wealth for the future. This is what prepares you for contingencies. This takes care of the family in case of foreseen/unforeseen circumstances where you would have limited or no income – for eg. Retirement, medical emergencies, etc.

Conservation of Income

This might be listed last but never should be the last step. Usually, people tend to conserve what is left after creation and consumption. When in fact, a portion of your income should always we conserved first, based on your future goals, and then what is left should be consumed well.

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Income Tax

Every year with Government budget, the most common expectation an Indian citizen has is of 'change for better' in the Income tax slab. So to plan your investment strategy and understand how much tax liability you will incur this year let’s have a look at the tax structure for different categories. These categories are created by the Government of India for taxation purposes, and they are based on Gender and Age.

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