Sunil Chachlani Welcomes You...

Life is unpredictable. There are surprises always around the corner and you never know what’s in store. These cannot be predicted nor controlled but we can do something to safeguard our future. And the word for it is "Financial Planning".

I have completed my B.com from Shivaji University and hold a Diploma in Finance Management (DFM). I am also PFA (Certified Personal Financial Advisor) & AFP (Associate Financial Planner). With total experience of 21 years with LIC & 17 years in Mutual Fund sector, I have always given my best to my clientele for their benefit and financial growth. No doubt that I have seen ups & downs in life, but with my family’s support and my faith in God, I have always emerged successful. Hence, I do understand the importance of a family and the very need to help build a secure future for them. With my expertise, I have guided more than 200 families to lead a financially secured life by making right money choices.

To keep myself in sync with the latest happenings, I attend training meets, sessions, seminars every quarter and regularly follow up on news, articles from various sources. I strongly agree that learning never stops and there is always something new to educate ourselves with to gain knowledge. This helps me immensely to serve my clients better.

We use state of the art cloud based web application for our CRM and calculators. The Financial plan which we create for our clients is not a prototype report. It gives basic inputs of money and its statistics. It also guides the family psychologically to deal with money, thereby giving them ease to follow the advisory without affecting their routine lifestyle.

Goals, Vision & Mission

  • Long Term Goal - creating, protecting and propagating wealth
  • Mission - Every individual should achieve complete financial freedom, so that they can experience all the abundances that life has to offer
  • Values our group works with - integrity, honesty, customization, continuous reviewing

Our USP – We aspire and work towards helping our clients lead a stress-free life as far as monetary issues are concerned, with our positive and scientific approach. We also have a strong follow-up system which keeps the set plans in check. Our ultimate aim is to aid our clients in achieving their life goals and targets.

The purpose of our website is to ease up the access to information and communication for our clients. And to help them stay updated with their portfolio and be regularly followed-up.

Our Client Engagement Process


  • Awards and Certificates - LIC of India, Birla Sunlife, Star Health & Apollo Health
  • MDRT - 2000 & 2001